Get ready………

“It is not often that a man can make opportunities for himself. But he can put himself in such shape that when or if the opportunities come he is ready.”

― Theodore Roosevelt

It often seems like we are in a constant state of getting ready. We are getting ready for the Holidays, getting ready to travel, or getting ready to finish the semester. Though getting ready requires time and preparation, we often find ourselves grateful we put in that time, and, find the situation or event easier than we thought.

Our training program is directed for students who are interested in trying out for Drum Major at a local school or college or interested in being a section leader for the next school year. Even if you are unsure, come and participate. The classes are free and open to the public, through the Drum Major Society. Students learn through music, leadership activities, and by getting to know each other and having fun.

Goals of the Drum Major Society Training Program

  • The instructors try to address the individual needs of the student, regardless of experience, talent and or ability. The experienced instructors quickly get to know the students and make basic assessments. From there, they continue to monitor individual progress and make adjustments with the curriculum. You will get constructive and immediate feedback.
  • We provide a safe and supportive student- centered learning environment. It is our philosophy that everyone has valuable experiences. We encourage you to share them so we can learn from you. Peer instruction is a part of our philosophy. Guest speakers and current Drum Majors will help with the instruction.
  • We use current and researched teaching methods to help you achieve your potential. All the teaching methods are researched and geared toward every style of learner. Instructors communicate both in and outside the classroom.

Melissa Dennedy

Melissa Dennedy is a current Board Member and the Training Program Chair of the Drum Major Society. Ms. Dennedy graduated with a Bachelors of Music, in Music Education from the University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music. During her time at the University, she was an active, five- year member of the Marching Band (clarinet, Drum Major) and held various leadership positions. Ms.Dennedy earned her Masters of Music Degree in Music Education through Boston University in 2009. This is Mrs. Dennedy’s 13th year as band director and music teacher at Loveland Intermediate and Middle Schools and 20th year teaching private instruction. She resides in Loveland with her husband, three children, and two pugs.