“Don’t fall victim to the easy.”

-T Jay Taylor

To get set in the program, you can register at the first class or online. Check out our schedule on our website. Encourage your friends to come along. Just like going to the gym, sometimes going with a buddy makes yourself accountable to come, even when sometimes you don’t want to go.

I have to admit, that even as a music major in college there were times I didn’t want to practice my instrument or memorize my marching band music. (GASP!) The feeling of not being prepared, not demonstrating my potential, and because of that, affecting others in the ensemble; hurt the group and myself. Sometimes, just setting aside the time, even a few minutes, can make the difference.

The Drum Major Society will provide you with a Leadership text and the Drum Major Handbook at the start of the course. We will use the materials, active class discussions, and leadership activities, and our expert staff to help realize your potential. Set aside the time to optimize instruction and learning.

Melissa Dennedy


Melissa Dennedy is a current Board Member and the Training Program Chair of the Drum Major Society. Ms. Dennedy graduated with a Bachelors of Music, in Music Education from the University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music. During her time at the University, she was an active, five- year member of the Marching Band (clarinet, Drum Major) and held various leadership positions. Ms. Dennedy earned her Masters of Music Degree in Music Education through Boston University in 2009. This is Ms. Dennedy’s 13th year as band director and music teacher at Loveland Intermediate and Middle Schools and 20th year teaching private music. She resides in Loveland with her husband, three children, and two pugs.