It gives me tremendous pleasure to announce to everyone that we have officially entered out 10th year in operation as a non-profit 501(c)3 Public Charity!

The past 10 years have seen tremendous growth in our organization in terms of community involvement, student support, and our ability to meet the needs of those that rely on us year after year. Although we are a smaller organization, and always have been, I believe it is in that nimbleness that we have carved out a significant niche for our benefactors, students and members to be able to provide much needed resources to those who need us most!

While it is a time to celebrate, it is also a time to remember the source of our existence, the love and pride of Julie Benken. She has not been with us for 10 years as well. A somber but important reminder of our mission, duty and continued zeal with which we approach our efforts and work.

It is also the 10th Anniversary of our Training Program. A program that has for many years now consistently educated and provided high quality Drum Major candidates in the Cincinnati area. The leadership lessons our students learn continue to inspire many of our members and students to a high form of effective participation in their respective programs. I am so very proud of our students, Training Staff, and admin teams that work tirelessly to provide as robust a workshop series each year as we can muster!

Finally, this message would be totally null and void if we didn’t take a moment to look to the future! We have a bright and completely open future. One that inspires me to think about the continued ongoing potential of our organization and a great way to generate continued enthusiasm in our work today! The future could not be brighter and I look forward to working with our team to provide the best quality support we can!

None of this would have been possible without the generosity of our members, donors and friends. I cannot stress enough how far your giving has gone to sustain and provide for our most critical of audiences…our students! Bravo to one and all!

We have an EXCITING year of amazing events and activities leading up to and following our 10th Anniversary Celebration! More information to come shortly on all the things you can expect! We hope to see everyone there!



Nick A. DelleCave
Executive Director