A huge shutout to our team of students who completed the Drum Major Tryout program at the University of Cincinnati!

All of our students did an outstanding job and came away from the process focusing on core elements of music, commanding and leadership. The tryout this consisted of several components:

  1. Playing a Scale Sheet Warmup
  2. Conducting a UC Pregame Song to a Live Band
  3. Conducting a Stand Tunes Song to a Live Band
  4. Marching Execution
  5. Command Execution
  6. Prepared Block Drill Exercise
  7. Situational Awareness Exercise
  8. Student Q/A

Each student as well as candidates and staff were given a full rating sheet and opportunity to deliver feedback to all candidates. It was a tremendous experience and one in which everyone should be proud!

After the tryouts were concluded a tabulation of the results was compiled and we are please to announce the members and candidates who were selected at the University of Cincinnati:

(in no particular order)

  • Sage Beerman
  • Taryn Post
  • Isabelle Reynolds
  • Anna¬†Lanzillotta

Congratulations to all!