Only a few months ago, our Team here at the Drum Major Society wasn’t sure if/how we could make a Virtual Training Program work in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. As with most things musical, there is a “being present” aspect to fully grasping the multi-faceted angles that comprises the full expression of the art.

Conducting, and perhaps even more so, athletic conducting has a unique personal element that connects the leader to the expression of music.

In only 2 weeks we are pleased to report that not only can conducting “work” in a virtual environment, students can indeed excel. It’s not ideal. Nothing this past year has been. But the desire to strive to provide our annual services, albeit remotely has certainly paid off!

We have an amazing core of Staff Members who bring a combined dozens of years of on field leadership and directing experience. Our student leaders (some returning and some new) are taking it all in stride and showing that the power of music, the power of “being present”, is as real and alive virtually to its fullest extent.

We are SO proud of our collective progress and we will report in regularly on our progress. Our hope is that this new medium opens the doors for even more collaboration with our musical peers around the country to create and share the love of music and the art of conducting to more folks than ever before!

The Drum Major Society Training Team