Drum Major Society 2017-2020 Board of Directors

Nicholas A. DelleCave

DMS-DellecavePosition: Executive Director

Years as DM: 2002-2007

Year Inducted: 2007

Primary Instrument: Alto Saxophone

Responsibilities: Directs the buisiness of the Society, chairs meetings, develops Drum Major Training cirricula, and conducts when needed. Nick served as Head Drum Major from 2002-2007.

Nick also supported his Alma Mater as Assistant to the Director and his Band Alumni Association.

Robert A. Jaques

DMS-JaquesPosition: Operations Director

Years as DM: 2005-2008

Year Inducted: 2008

Primary Instrument: Baritone

Assists with the business of the Society when the Executive Director is absent. Assists with the training and education of Drum Majors both prospective and current.

John M. Stueve

DMS-StuevePosition: Finance Director

Years as DM: 2008-2010

Year Inducted: 2009

Primary Instrument: Alto Saxophone

Assists with the training and instruction of current DM’s as well as potential members. Duties include rehearsal and conducting technique, workshop assistance, and other duties as assigned.

Benjamin E. Lozar

DMS-LozarPosition: Communications Director

Years as DM: 2011-2013

Year Inducted: 2011

Primary Instrument: Trumpet

Assists with training and education where appropriate and manages the communications of the organization.

Corey D. Knapke


Position: DMS Director of the Board

Years as DM: 2009-2012

Year Inducted: 2009

Primary Instrument: Baritone

Responsible for assistance with the Drum Major Training Program and Chairs our Strategic Planning Committee.