Our Executive Director has put up a challenge to all members and friends of the Society!

Between Dec. 7th – 31st, The DelleCave Family will be offering up to $1500 in matching contributions. That means for every dollar you donate to the Society before the end of this year, the family will match your gift dollar for dollar up to a total maximum amount of $1500. Once the collective donations reach the goal of $1500 the match will end.

If no donors step up to the challenge, after the 31st any money not matched will be forfeit!

What does this mean for you?

It’s double your money! If you give $25, it’s really $50 and automatic entry to the Society at the Silver Whistle level of giving. It also means that anyone who donates $250, will get into the Society Club (normally a $500 annual contribution) for the full year 2014!

We are thrilled that the DelleCave Family has offered this Challenge, and hope you’ll Donate today to help us before the end of the year. As always all contributions are tax deductible!